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Our regular meetings offer a wide variety of activities, from formal dinners to casual social nights and high profile lectures through to jam sessions and workshops. Some occasions are open to everyone whereas others must be kept behind closed doors. If there’s something here you like the look of but aren’t a member and might like to come along, please just get in touch. In the meantime, here’s what we’re getting up to…

Unless otherwise stated, the time and venue will be ‘the usual’.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that in the albeit extremely rare event of unforeseen and/OR unavoidable circumstances, meeting dates and/or content may be subject to change at short notice. Should this be the case on any occasion we will broadcast the change as soon as possible along with our apologies for any disappointment caused.

Event Information:

  • Mon

    In-House Lecture - Numbers Magic

    Here's a treat! Our very own Alan Jackson will tonight, ladies and gentlemen, be giving a lecture on 'Number Magic'.

    Don't fret though if you're not too good on the abacus... Alan assures us that no mathematical skill or knowledge is needed beyond the ability to add two numbers together, like 5 and 3 (and most tricks don’t even need that).

    Alan will be showing us some of the tricks up his sleeves, and these will include:

    - a book test,
    - two snooker-related tricks (no knowledge of snooker needed),
    - tricks which simulate having an exceptional memory and arithmetic skills (no memory or arithmetical skills needed),
    - a dice trick,
    - a prediction effect,
    - a coin trick which does not use coins (no, this is not a misprint),
    - the best bar bet ever.

    Need more convincing? There are FREE lecture notes, and the chance to win £10!! (Although... not much of a chance...).

    We hope to see you there in vast numbers. We'll be counting...