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  • Mon

    LECTURE - Phil Jay

    Cardiff magic society are happy to announce "The first bespoke lecture" by Wales' finest, Phil Jay; this lecture is structured around any performance related questions you may have, as well as how to improve your magic, your gigs and your performance. The lecture will be completely tailored to the audience!

    Please submit your questions to us prior to the lecture; this can be done via the Facebook Group (not the public page), by contacting Harri Harrington (send him a direct message on Facebook or pop an email over to him at

    This unique lecture is tailored to you, so your questions will be heard! Owing to obvious time constraints it may not be possible to answer every question posed to Phil, but as many as can be will be covered.

    If ever you would have liked to put a question to someone with real experience, now is your chance.

     - The usual £10 fee on the door applies for non members -

    Food For Thought

    For those not in the know, or who might like some food for thought, here are a few things you probably don't know about Phil that may inspire some questions...

    Phil Jay became a full time magician in October 1989, so this year will mark his 30th as full time professional magician. He has performed in 53 countries; once performing in eight countries over seven days.

    He was first flown by a corporate to perform in the USA in 1992. That was the start of his international career.

    Phil has performed 32 shows at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles. Below is part of a thank you letter, which included an invite to perform again at the Magic Castle any time of his choosing.

    On the way out of the theatre after your show’s the comments were all extremely positive and full of praise for both your showmanship and your presentation.  You exuded so much energy and fun into your work that I was extremely proud to have you working in The Magic Castle.  I will be more than happy to see you back amongst your many fans soon again.
    - Billy McComb, Vice President The Academy of Magical Arts, Hollywood, California, USA

    After his lecture to the Magic Circle in London, he was informed that should he wish to become a member he would immediately be made a full member of the inner magic circle. Phil turned the offer down.

    For many years he did in excess of 300 shows per year; only slowing down in 2013, and with a preference to working locally. Prior to that his average mileage was 55,000 miles per year.

    Phil has performed on flights in first class for Virgin Airways, and many times at Richard Branson’s private houses. When Phil's daughter was nine years old he took her with him on one of the gigs; she spent her time there in the pool with Richard's daughter Holly.

    He has performed magic at trade shows, exhibitions, sales meetings, conferences, private parties, and corporate events, etc. He has been booked to perform in palaces, cars, on buses, trains, planes, yachts, cruise ships... and on one occasion in Florida, 30 feet under water.

    Phil's favorite gig involved him being flown in a private jet to Miami for a birthday party.

    Among other blue chip companies, he has worked product launches for Shimano, IBM, Novartis Pharma, Eagle Star life, BMW, HSBC, and more.

    He has performed stand up bespoke magic for live hacks for IT professionals.

    For one of his largest shows he wrote, designed and stage managed a show as a product launch for BMW; making a car appear piece by piece.

    Another large show involved building a full size galleon in a five star hotel in Cuba, and performing stage shows there for two weeks back-to-back for different visiting countries.

    He helped write shows and design the magic for the Edinburgh Fringe. Three of the shows have won Edfest Bouquets.

    He has designed adverts using magic for ad campaigns.

    Phil has had 18 Royal bookings, including bookings for Her Majesty the Queen's private birthday parties on three occasions.

    Also booked by the Saudi Royal Family on many occasions, and had many bookings for The Sultan Of Brunei (when he was still the wealthiest man in the world).

    When it comes to celebrities, Phil has performed at parties for a great many of them; too many to mention.