Cardiff Magic Society


It’s been a while since our last meeting, and even though not in the physical face to face sense, we’re delighted to say that we’re starting up meetings again.

We will be holding our meetings on Zoom, and relevant links will be made available through our Facebook page “Cardiff Magic Society Members Group” (click here).

We're Back! Zoom Meetings

Our first Zoom meeting is scheduled for the 24th of November (yes, we know that’s a Tuesday; we’re moving our meetings to allow members of The Magic Circle to attend those meetings too) and will be a “social” occasion where we can all get used to the format and have a bit of a catch-up.

Wait, what? What is this “Zoom”?
Zoom is a video conferencing system that allows us to see and hear everyone all at the same time. If you haven’t used Zoom before, it’s fairly straightforward but you do need a couple of things… You’ll need access to the internet on either a mobile device or desktop/laptop computer with built in or attached camera and microphone, and you’ll need “Zoom”.

When you click on a Zoom link (meeting invitation) the relevant application will automagically be made available. If you’d like to download and install the app before your first use, you can find a version relevant to your device here:

The first option “Zoom Client for Meetings” is the one for desktop/laptops, unless you prefer browser plugins which are available further down. For mobile devices, scroll down a bit further to “Zoom Mobile Apps”.

Video Conferencing Tips
Remember everyone can see and hear you*. You might want to brush your flowing locks and put a cleaner vest on.

Try to have your camera at eye level. No-one wants to look up your nose.

If you can see a nice clear image of yourself, great. If not, play with lighting; avoid backlighting unless it’s balanced by good light from the front.

Consider what’s behind you and visible in the frame. Your background could end up a talking point…

* Although it IS possible to mute your microphone and disable your camera, it’s a bit bad form to do so unless called for during the meeting.