Cardiff Magic Society

SGM Called for Name Change Proposal

A Special General Meeting has been called in accordance with the Cardiff Magical Society constitution. SGMs are called when matters affecting core values and/or functions of the society are in need of discussion and have not been submitted in advance to the agenda for an Annual General Meeting.

The matter at hand is a member proposal to amend the name of our society; a proposal that must be the subject of full and open discussion, and a subsequent vote by the membership.

The meeting has been scheduled for November 11th, prior to the usual evening of activity, and a vote will be taken thereafter (by proxy for those unable to attend in person).

Members wishing to read the submitted proposal and a submitted answer to it will find the documents in the calendar entry for the SGM. Non-members will of course be able to see these documents but will be unable to attend the SGM, to present an opinion, or to vote.