Taffy the Clown

Our Dear Old Friend…

A longstanding member of Cardiff Magical Society recently posted an article on Facebook, and has granted us permission to replicate it here. Mario Morris was visiting the Wookey Hole Clown Museum in Somerset, UK, where he found an exhibit in memoriam our dear old friend ‘Taffy the Clown’; one of our founding members and hugely popular, Ian ‘Taffy’ James was an extremely talented entertainer who cared deeply about his craft and took time to help a great many of us along our various paths. Herewith Mario’s Facebook post… Thank you Mario.

Taffy the Clown's costume exhibit

Taffy the Clown (Ian James) was a very  well known and much loved clown. He lived in Wales to the age of 79 (1930 – 2009) and had been performing as a clown since he was 8. Today, as I visited the Wookey Hole Clown Museum, I recalled him telling me about the “Egg Clown Register”…

Clowns from around the world would paint the image of their clown face upon an egg, and the egg would be locked away in a glass cabinet as a record of their identity. This practice carries on today and the collection continues to grow. As I looked, I was really taken aback to see Taffy’s costume; the real thing he used to wear, right there next to the very egg display he told me about many years ago.

The Clown Egg Register (images below)
The Egg Register The Egg Register