Competition Scoring

At each of the competitions held throughout our calendar year – for close up magic, cabaret, and kids entertainment – we recruit ‘magician judges’ to provide an experienced view of the performance and content (among other things) and ‘lay judges’ to give a view from the public eye of a ‘natural audience’. There is also a timekeeper who is responsible for monitoring the length of each performance; there are time limits in place (usually 10 minutes) and point penalties are applied in the event of under-run (under 9 minutes) or over-run.

For those competing, or just interested to know, we have provided our judging/scoring sheets for your perusal. These will, we hope, provide aspiring competitors with a helpful framework on which to base their performances. You can read/download the documents below…

When you click on the links below, the respective documents will open in a new tab/window.
If you want to download it and use it locally, you can either download from the newly opened tab/window, or ‘right-click’ the link and save it that way.

CMS Competition Scoring – Mag (PDF)

CMS Competition Scoring – Lay (PDF)

CMS Competition Scoring – Time (PDF)