Phil Jay Magic

Any Questions? Phil Jay Lecture Needs Your Input

March 25th sees an amazing opportunity for members and guests of Cardiff Magical Society as we welcome Wales’ finest and most successful close up magician.

Phil Jay will be giving his very first ‘bespoke lecture’, and as such the content will be very much defined by questions from the audience. However, in order to provide the very best experience and the best structure for the evening, we need your questions! If you have anything you’d like to ask Phil, please let us know! Your question(s) can be anything related to performance, the business, Phil’s experiences, or anything else you can think of (that would be relevant of course).

If you’d like some inspiration, there is a synopsis (albeit far from complete) of Phil’s back story within the details of this event in our Calendar of Events.

Please let us have your questions via Facebook Messenger (through the CMS Group or Page), by adding to the Facebook Group post on this topic, or by emailing Harri Harrington ). Please do so as soon as possible so Phil can prepare his notes and give you what promises to be an extremely valuable lecture.

We look forward to seeing you on the night. If you’re not a member but would like to attend, please contact Harri (as above) or come along with another member to ensure you have a seat, and please be aware that there will be a fee of £10 on the door for non-members.